What's in Safety Skin™?

Safety Skin™ is comprised of 7 ingredients, each of which contribute to the overall characteristics of the product.  Functions include; skin-conditioning agents, emollient and antimicrobial, binders, viscosity increasing agents, suspending agents and reflectant.

Can Safety Skin™ be applied to apparel?

Yes, Safety Skin™ does apply to certain textiles, however its formulation was specifically designed to be applied on the skin.  During R&D, we worked only with ingredients that were friendly for skin application.  Ingredients not suitable for the skin would have made it applicable to a wider variety of textiles.

How long will a stick of Safety Skin™ last me?

This answer varies for everyone depending on the method and frequency in which it is being used.  In a recent test, we obtained 110 - 6" applications, swiping once away and then back.  This back and forth application leaves an optimal reflective surface.  Please note, +/- that depending on how much force you put into the application.  Also, hair pulls more formula off the stick as opposed to shaved skin.  Stored out of extreme temperatures, Safety Skin™ lasts the longest on a shelf, but that is not why we made it - #reflectgreatness and find out for yourself!

What are the dimensions of a stick of Safety Skin™?

A stick of Safety Skin™ measures 3.0" tall x 1.5" wide x 0.8" deep.  This size creates ultimate portability in sports, art, and travel - TSA friendly too.

Can I put Safety Skin™ on my animals?

If by animals you mean children, absolutely - one size fits all.  If you are referring to your pets, we wouldn't recommend it.  Due to the differences between skin and various coats, we worry that it would require a soap and bubbles rinse down to wash off your pets.  We DO NOT test on animals.